Core Balance Current Transformer (CBCT) or Zero Sequence CT (ZCT)

A core balance current transformer (also termed as CBCT) is a ring-type current transformer (CT) through the center of which either three single-core cables or a single three-core cable of three-phase system passes. That three-core cable forms the primary winding of CBCT.

12 Different Parts of Transformer and their Functions

Following are the various parts of the transformer:

Laminated core
Insulating material
Terminals and bushings
Transformer oil
Tap changer
Buchholz relay
Oil conservator
Explosion vent
Radiator and fans

Involutory matrix – Definition, Examples and its properties

An Involutory matrix is simply a square matrix that when multiplied itself will result in an identity matrix. In other words, mathematically we can define an involutory matrix as: If A is a square matrix then matrix A will be called an involutory matrix if and only if it satisfies the condition   A2 = I. Where I is n x n identity matrix.