What is Earth Fault? It’s Causes, Effects and Protection

Earth fault is an open circuit ground fault in which any live conductor or power-carrying cable is detached from its place or breaks and falls on the earth’s surface. In other words, We can say that ln earth-fault current-carrying conductor comes directly in contact with the earth’s surface.

What is Transducer? – Working, Types and it’s Application

A transducer is a device that converts any physical quantities into a proportional electrical signal (voltage and current). In general words, the transducer is a device that converts one form of energy into another which is measurable in the form of an electrical signal. That process of converting energy from one form to another form is known as Transduction.

Nilpotent Matrix – Definition, Properties and Example

Any square matrix [A] is said to be a Nilpotent matrix if it satisfies the condition [Ak] = 0 and [Ak-1] ≠ 0 for some positive integer value of k. Then the least value of such positive integer k is called the index (or degree) of nilpotency.