Difference between AA and AAA Batteries| AA vs AAA Batteries

Batteries are a very important part of our life. Nowadays, Almost every electronic device has a battery installed to run it. There are two common names AA and AAA batteries that are being mostly used by us.

AA vs AAA Batteries

In this article, We will discuss in detail about Difference between AA and AAA Batteries (AA vs AAA Batteries). In my previous article, we have discussed about What is AA and AAA Batteries. So If you want to know about AA and AAA Batteries, you may follow my previous article. Let’s discuss about Difference between AA and AAA Batteries and also the comparison chart of AA vs. AAA Batteries.

Difference between AA and AAA Batteries

AA vs AAA Batteries

The main difference between AA and AAA Batteries is a difference in their size or dimensions and charge storage capacity. But in order to make a detailed comparison, we have to compare and differentiate it with all other factors like sizes, charge storage capacity and runtime, Application and Uses, Output voltage, and Cost.

1. Sizes and Dimensions

Dimention of AA and AAA batteries

The most obvious difference between AA and AAA Batteries is their physical size and dimensions. AA batteries are slightly larger and wider than AAA Batteries. If you compare the length of AA and AAA Batteries, It is approximately (49.2-50.5) mm for AA Batteries and 44.5 mm for AAA batteries. Whereas, Its diameter is (13.5-14.5) mm for AA and 10.5 mm for AAA Batteries. Hence AA batteries are slightly longer and thicker than AAA batteries as shown in the figure.

2. Charge Storage Capacity and Runtime

AA batteries have a larger charge storage capacity than AAA batteries. AA battery typically has a capacity of 2000 to 3000 mAh. Whereas the capacity of AAA Batteries is 350 to 1200 mAh. This means AA batteries are suitable for low-power devices. However, if we use AAA batteries in device that requires more power then they will exhaust soon and hence we need to replace them more frequently. As a result, If we compare AA and AAA batteries with the same Power, then AA batteries will last almost twice the AAA batteries.

The capacity of the battery depends on the material it is made up of. A lithium battery usually stores more charge than an alkaline battery.

3. Applications and Uses

AA and AAA Batteries are also different in terms of which devices they are used with. As AA batteries are heavy duty and have more charge storage capacity, they are used in devices that consume more energy such as Radio, Torch, Toys, etc. Whereas, AAA Batteries are used in devices that require less energy such as Clocks and TV Remotes, etc.

Nowadays, Lithium-ion battery is replacing AA and AAA batteries in flashlights, camera, etc. due to their high energy density. But AA and AAA Batteries are still popular in wireless mouse and keyboards, remote controls, wall clocks, smoke sensors, multimeters, and many other similar devices.

4. Cost

Cost is another important aspect to compare AA and AAA Batteries. As the Cost depends on the material used, types, and brand of batteries. AAA Batteries are slightly cheaper than AA batteries. But If you compare AA zinc carbon vs AA alkaline (or AAA zinc-carbon vs AAA alkaline) then Alkaline batteries are more expensive. The type of batteries also affects the price, Rechargeable batteries are more expensive than Disposal batteries.

Key Points: AA vs AAA Batteries

  • AAA Batteries are smaller than AA Batteries.
  • The charge storage capacity of AAA Batteries (up to 1200 mAh) is less than the capacity of AA Batteries (up to 3000 mAh).
  • AA Batteries are suitable for comparatively higher-power devices, Whereas AAA Batteries are suitable for low-power devices.
  • Due to the larger size of AA batteries, AA batteries are used in larger devices. Whereas AAA batteries are mostly used in smaller devices.
  • AAA Batteries however tend to lose some of their voltage after a while. Whereas, AA batteries take more time to lose their voltage capacity which makes them more long-lasting.
  • AAA Batteries are cheaper than AA batteries, due to their smaller size and capacity.

Can We use AA instead of AAA Batteries and vice-versa?

This is a very common question. But sadly, the answer is NO. Instead of having the same chemical material used, AA and AAA Batteries are physically incompatible with each other. For example, If you have a wall clock that holds AA batteries then you can’t put AAA Batteries in this holder as they are smaller in size. Similarly, you can’t put AA batteries in an AAA holder as well.


AA and AAA Batteries are similar in some aspects, But we made an important Difference between AA and AAA Batteries. So the battery you should opt for more or less depending on which devices you intend to use it. You can buy it according to the compatibility of your devices. Slimmer and smaller slots require AAA batteries whereas larger slots require an AA battery.

If you need batteries for your DIY project then we suggest you to use AA instead of AAA because of their long-lasting life.

So in this article, we made a simple and detailed comparison of AAA vs AA Batteries. We hope this article will help you to understand the difference between AA and AAA Batteries and which one is best for your needs. Have any questions? Let us know in the comments.

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